Our Farm Holidays is not far from Vieste, the eastern city on the Spur of Italy, situated on a promontory in the Adriatic Sea.

Vieste has very ancient origins: according to legend Noah, after the flood, decided to spend the rest of his life in the Gargano and, when his wife Vesta died, he founded a city with her name.

Nowadays Vieste is one of the most known town in the Gargano, grown during the centuries in the maritime tradition and in tourism and country house industry, because of  many historic places to visit and wonderful beaches.

The old town bears the marks of the various dominations of Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Lombards, Anjou and Bourbons. Among the most important building, we mention Roman Cathedral, Svevo Castle, overhanging the limestone, Alt Door.

Vieste is so beautiful also thanks to the beaches and the sea caves; surrounding flora and fauna and the delicious cuisine are the main features to make unforgettable you holidays in the Gargano.

Vieste landscape is characterized also by Pizzomunno, a 25 mt high stone, symbol of the city, that remember the legend of a sad love.

The city preserves old traditions with classic local feasts, as St. George’s feast of the 23rd  of April and the Holy Mary of Merano’s feast of the 9th of May, when the statues of the saints are carried along the streets of the city.

Vieste is one of the most favourite tourism destination thanks to its position characterized by perfect environmental conditions to bathing, excursions and sports, as windsurf and kitesurf.