Flagship of the Country House Agri-Costella is its Restaurant, really appreciated by its Guests and even open to public.

We daily propose an excellent cooking, that looks at the best traditional local cooking and is made using fresh and genuine ingredients, that are grown by us.  The our is indeed a "km 0" cooking: we cook what we grow at the Agri-Costella.

Our restaurant is at the side of the swimming pool and here one can taste the best typical cooking of the Gargano promontory and of Vieste, that is based on sheep, goat and cow meat. You will taste the items we produce in our vegetable garden and orchard; homemade cheese; fresh fish and much more, all flavored by the excellent Olive Oil "Agri-Costella" and served with the best wines of the area.

Our oil is made according to the cold squeezing process and we use only selected olives that are harvested still green (they are rich in polyphenol and have an acidity that is never higher than 0,3%) and is a really good condiment that is able to exalt every dish.

Come visit us at the Country House Agri-Costella: give your palate and unforgettable experience!