Gargano park

Country House Agri-Costella in Vieste is perfect for families and who loves nature, because it’s near Gargano National Park, a green area fit for walk and excursions.

The entire Park is characterized by different habitat: the coast, low and sandy in the northern side, becomes rugged with high limestone cliff in the southern side; the hinterland instead is covered by dense vegetation of Umbra Forest, composed of beech and pines, holm, almond trees, orange trees and olives, especially in the foothills.

Gargano is an interesting area also thanks to spontaneous birth of wild orchids, identifying at least 80 different species.

Also fauna is very varied: many bird species nest in these areas, as woodpeckers, birds of prey and aquatic species; among the mammals we mention Italian roe deer, wild boar, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, porcupines, squirrels.

Gargano Park is also a perfect location to practice sports or to trek. There are many visitor centers and pathways, partially accessible to the disabled.

Other recommended itineraries carry to typical farms of the Gargano, placed mainly on the streets of transhumance, to the hermitages of the silence, from Monte Sant’Angelo to Pulsano Abbey, to olives of Vieste valley, La Salata necropolis, spring itineraries to observe flowering in the Gargano.

The most widespread sports in the Park are orienteering, cycling, riding, trekking, birdwatching, speleology.

Agri-Costella is one of the farm holidays in the middle of the nature, in a beautiful and one of the most interesting area of the entire Puglia.