Our Farm holidays in the Gargano organizes excursions and suggests the most interesting itineraries in the territory.

The Spur of Italy has a great charm thanks to so many places to visit and a lot of naturalistic pristine areas.

The main tourist attractions are combined with the discovery of ancient and mysterious places, interesting in their traditions and legends.

From our country house you can easily reach Pizzomunno with the 25mt high namesake monolith, that remembers the legend of a sad love. The story tells about a beautiful fisherman called Pizzomunno, who was in love with Cristalda; every time he went oversea, mermaids tried to catch him with their sweet and dangerous song, but always he came back home. In revenge mermaids attacked Cristalda, dragging her into the depths, while Pizzomunno was petrified with grief over the rock that now takes his name.

We suggest also to explore Tremiti Islands, with beautiful sea bottom and characteristic caves: these ones are linked to the legend of Diomede. This legend tells about the Greek hero Diomede who threw in the sea three big stones, which turned into islands.

Architiello of San Felice is one of the symbols of Vieste and delimits wonderful beaches and evocative sea caves.

You can also explore nature in the hinterland, inside the Umbra Forest, where the dense vegetation creates mysterious atmospheres and allows to watch flora and fauna.

The marked pathways and the pic-nic areas are perfect to walk, to trek and horseback riding.
Itineraries in the Gargano include also mystical places, where discover faith in Padre Pio, inside San Giovanni Rotondo Sanctuary, or where live the devotion to Archangel Michele, appeared on Sant’Angelo Mount.

These places in Puglia are some of the most interesting destinations in the territory, while all the events organized during the year, the traditions and the local cuisine attract a lot of tourists.