When I say holidays in Vieste I inevitably think a crystalline, wonderful sea, awarded many times with Blue Flag.

Beaches in Vieste have different sea bottoms, high and rocky or low and sandy, but always characterized by a transparent water with emerald green or light blue shades.
Every beach in Vieste has its particularity that makes it unique, there we mention the nearest beaches to our country house.
Scialara or Pizzomunno beach is the symbol of the city for the 25mt high limestone monolith. It’s 4 km long and has a low and sandy sea bottom.

Porto Nuovo beach is known for its characteristic islet 500mt away from the shore, accessible by canoes and pedalos, while San Felice beach is nestled between the famous Architiello and the cliff, topped by a XVI century watchtower.

Also small and beautiful Pugnochiuso beach is one the most characteristic area near Vieste, it offers an extraordinary mix of colors.

Every beach in Vieste presents a beautiful landscape and a wonderful sea.